Osprey Heritage Management Ltd

....providing expert security to art and heritage

Welcome to Osprey Heritage Management Ltd

We are a highly professional security management consultancy based in York, United Kingdom. We are committed to providing bespoke services to organisations working within arts and heritage. 

This includes provision of expert assessments of security arrangements as required in ACE Accreditation Guidance. 

Our expertise includes Crime Prevention, Crime Scene Management, Investigations, Training and Heritage Management.   

With over 65 years combined experience, we provide the skills and the expertise that provide you with workable solutions to a wide range of security threats. 

We fully understand the physical and environmental risks that expose buildings and collections to crime, and also understand the threats being faced by your people and those that exist within your business processes. 

Our services include the provision of security audits that will help you achieve and maintain accreditation status. We understand that budgets are under increasing pressure and help you make the correct decisions to prioritise spending. 

We provide the necessary support in all key areas of security management so you can get on with running your business, with the reassurance that your security needs are being met.

We can provide testimonials from organisations who we have worked with and are we are more than happy to discuss your individual needs on a no obligation basis.